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Cargovanddispatchsvc provides a worldwide network for all of your air freight needs, with guaranteed and time-defined services, supported by preferred Airline Partners. Cargovanddispatchsvc offers fixed schedules on all main routes. As a market leader, we offer competitive rates for all time and cost requirements. All end-to-end logistics processes are supported by leading-edge information management systems, providing the customer with complete shipment information. The main element of our freight management service is the ability to move single or complex shipments by air, at any time and to any destination. We are one of the leading providers of air freight services with Direct contracts rates with 149 IATA and non IATA Airlines. Our operations are managed in over 230 countries around the world, and we provide services to and from all key destinations. We can manage the movement of a single shipment, or a complicated freight management program. 

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