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We at Cargovanddispatchsvc can provide our services for your needs to up to …. Locations across the globe.

With more than 30 Years of experience in the field of international shipping & Logistics you can rest assured that there is no other company more qualified in handling your logistic needs.

LCL and air freight shipment rates are based on volume or gross weight, whichever is greater. In order to calculate the volume of a shipment, the dimensions of each piece are required. If the volume weight exceeds the actual gross weight, the shipment is rated at the volume weight. If the volume weight is less than the actual weight, the shipment is rated at the actual weight.

A 20′ standard dry container will generally hold about 1,150 cubic feet. A 40′ standard dry container will hold about 2,400 cubic feet. A standard 20’ container will hold approximately 21 tonnes of cargo for a maximum gross weight of 24 tonnes. Search… Not sure which solution fits your business needs?

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